No, I’m still here…

… I’ve just been busy, knitting.

This is the Stockholm Scarf by the gorgeous Julie Crawford, you’ll find the pattern as a free download over at her inspiring blog Knitted Bliss. The pattern is really easy to memorise so this goes like a breeze, because of the amount of stitches needed each round takes forever to complete, so this project is perfect for “in front of the TV”-knitting.

I did the scarf on 5mm needles, which were more suitable for Fyberspates Scrumptious DK, which I chose to use, and I reduced the repeats to a total of 15.

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  1. Nina Myhrvold

    hei-blogger du fortsatt? har nettopp oppdagen den…men har ikke funnet noen fra 2014. mvh. strikkedilla Nina

  2. Hei Nina
    Jeg sendte deg nettopp en epost med link til den nye bloggen.

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