MayaB – About

Hi, I’m Maya and I run a tiny knitting shop; Knit with attitude. I also knit, try to save the world, make films, love my family, design patterns and publish a blog, usually all of it at once.

This is my blog. Through this blog I hope to give whomever who wants to visit a small insight in my world: my life and which projects I’m involved with. My main activities are different crafts and hobby projects which I hope will inspire others who are interested in similar activities. I also spend a lot of my time philosophizing about ideology, politics, activism and social relations, and how my passion for knitting is linked to all of these. For my visitors who don’t knit: I hope that you will find this blog interesting and enjoyable.

Jeg heter Maya og dette er min blogg. Dette er en blogg om mine hobbyprosjekt som for det meste dreier seg om strikking og hekling, og om hvordan jeg filosoferer rundt disse. God fornøyelse!